How To Lose Weight Without Dieting


“Ready to become BEST friends with chocolate and cake? Read on..”

Let me be straight up with you: You can have your muffin and lose the muffin top. Legit ! Ever heard of Flexible fat loss? Well it’s a thing.

Seriously – it’s going to blow your mind when I teach you my SECRET FOUR WAYS TO EAT (yup, I wasn’t kidding when I told you about breakfast cake being THE BEST CAKE), what you want, when you want, and STILL lose weight.

In my course here, I’m going to

  • Show you how to eat anything and still lose weight. (Yup, cake and chocolate are now your friends).
  • Show you the couple of exercises you need to do (this ain’t no cute cardio pink dumbbell crap – it’s hard-core BUT fun stuff. Promise)
  • Break down how you can EAT ALL THE FOODS. With none of the guilt or naughtiness..
  • Go into detail on how you can STILL ENJOY YOUR NIGHTS OUT, and STILL lose the weight (I know, I know – I already rock your world yeah? Lolz)

My friends (other personal trainers) hate me !!!

But you are going to love me !!!

So listen: Other personal trainers? Yeah, they hate me for sharing and backing stuff like this as they’re all anti sugar, carbs are the devil, you must eat clean 24/7, and shit like that (maybe your own personal trainer keeps telling you not to eat the foods you want to, right?)

BUT... I’m going to strip back the BS and share with you loads of science stuff that says my method works. That’s right – I love to read science journals as much as lifting all the weights ;)

You want topics I’m going to include? Sure thing! Here goes...

  • Establish the mindset you need for successful fat Loss (everything starts with your head)
  • Key nutrition insights to create the perfect fat loss storm for you – without changing your life too much, either!
  • Training & toning To maximize your exercise efforts (HINT: Step AWAY from the cardio machine. I’ll hunt you down)
  • Hustle & lifestyle design for ongoing fat loss (now you’ve got the weight loss, HOW do you keep it? Let me show you!)

Now this ain’t no regular online cute generic weight loss course thing. Nope.

Actually, let me breakdown just SOME of the stuff I cover in the course (but don’t be freaked out by how much there is – my videos are short, punchy and awesome. And funny. I think. My Mum told me they are...)

ANYHOOOO…. Info in my course? Well, by the end of my course here, you’ll be able to

  • List at least 3 ways to feel more happier and grateful daily.
  • Identify your core why to help you stay on track and motivated daily.
  • Implement at least 2 strategies to keep you clear and committed to your goal.
  • Demonstrate at least 3 practical strategies to help you remove anxiety triggers from your day to day life.
  • Apply mindset restructuring to revamp your perceptions around health and fitness.
  • Apply methodologies to massively improve your limiting self beliefs.
  • Formulate the means to utilise water to naturally suppress your appetite and curb hunger cravings.
  • Identify the pros and cons around eating at home VS eating out and on the road.
  • Identify the key processes of moderation NOT restriction when it comes to food and fat loss.
  • Formulate your own personal meal timing structure that fits your preferences and lifestyle demands.
  • Explain the benefits of white meat over red meat when in a fat loss phase.
  • Utilise the power of herbs and spices with taking the flavour of your dishes to the next level.
  • Identify why hammering vegetables each day is critical to your health and success.
  • Implement the secret weapon of gum chewing to curb hunger cravings.
  • Identify how to create a successful shopping cart and why bulk buying can be a no go.
  • Recognise the power and significance of calories and macronutrients as opposed to just eating clean.
  • Identify why the quantity of what you’re eating far outweighs the quality of what you’re eating when it comes to fat loss.
  • Recognise why getting amongst diets and detoxes and cleanses etc are a waste of time.
  • Identify the best fat burning supplements worth putting money into.
  • Formulate a nightly and morning routine to enhance your sleep to increase your fat loss success.
  • Have the practical means to improve your posture, resting BMR, and burn more calories at rest.
  • Formulate your own training program to maximise your exercise efforts and ditch cardio.
  • Recognise the best time of the day to workout for increased results and improved coherence.
  • Identify the exercise alternatives for those who hate the gym and are time poor.
  • Create the necessary disciplines so that lifestyle changes and powerhouse habits are achieved.
  • Craft your own weekly time management schedule to ensure you don’t burn out.
  • Formulate and create your own realistic weight loss goals.
  • Implement your own progress tracking strategies to ensure you’re on track and killing it.
  • Craft your own strategies to prevent mindless eating while Netflix and chilling.
  • Identify the keys to staying motivated and prevent f*ck it mode so that the weekends don’t kill your progress.

Say whaaattttt?

Yep you read that right, spread across 4 modules you’re going to get your shit together and have your head screwed on straight along with being set up to drop at least a kilo before the week is out upon completing the course, so that you understand fat loss properly, and don’t feel like you’re running around in a circle like a headless chook!

I know the shit you’re going through at the moment.

You’re hustling like a boss eating clean as clean can be. You’re putting in the hard yards with your workout and follow all the Instafamous chicks on social media and feel like you’re doing everything right (seriously, fuck those channels am i rite?)

BUT results aren’t showing, and you’re feeling like throwing in the towel because it’s just getting too hard to keep it all up while keeping the rest of your life balanced and in check.

Those goals of being able to rep your 2-piece bikini at the beach with confidence and loving the naked body you see staring back at you in the mirror, are seeming all the more lost in the distance, just like a ship lost at sea without a compass to point it in the right direction.

Yeah lets change all of that shall we?

You’ll learn how to solve all of that through this in depth 90 minute online course which will have you feeling like you’ve now got the treasure map in your hand, you can see where the X is, and the treasure is within reach ready for your taking. Oh and you’ll be eating some donuts and muffins while taking your body through the flexible fat loss process= Epic Winning Amazeballs Squeal.

Detoxes, Cleanses got me no where !!!

You wanna know why I loveeeeeee teaching women like you, this stuff so much? Because I’ve gone through all of that shit myself before. Heh, you’ll piss yourself...

I’ve done the detoxes, the cleanses, the diets, the supps, the meal replacements, the super low calories, the coaching from an IFFB Pro who gives you the most restrictive meal plan possible, and a shit load of workout plans which had me hammering cardio and getting no where in the gym...

Oh yeah and while all that was happening I developed binge eating disorders, gained a heap of weight, lost it and got skinny fat, gained a heap of it back on, and went through long periods of time of just hating on myself, putting on a brave mask pretending that everything was okay, where deep down I was always thinking to myself; what’s the point; im doomed to stay overweight forever. And we’re talking I couldn’t even see my dick when standing up, had man boobs, and people rubbed my belly and called me Buddha. Not fun!

Gain muscle and lose fat at will without thinking about the process

Fast forward to now though and I’m a natural competitive body builder and fitness model, I can gain muscle and lose fat at will without thinking about the process, I eat whatever I want every single day, and really feel free of everything that was holding me back, and have gained fat loss Jedi status through my years of working in the health and fitness industry with the sole goal to change the lives of women, and take this flexible means of fat loss to the mainstream. No longer will dieting, cutting out sugar, or 1200 calorie diets be the first thing people turn to when they want to drop weight and love how they look naked!

Yeah, you heard me ! Google and YouTube will only get you so far

Currently you’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle and are trying to mash them all together to create the perfect picture based on what you know, and compiling all you’ve taken in from doctor Google and YouTube...

But you also have your blind fold on because you don’t understand the HOW behind it all. It’s all a mess, nothing is clear, and the longer time goes on the more you feel like tossing your jigsaw puzzle in the fire, knowing very well you want to hang it up on the wall for everyone to see... Get my drift?

All of this isn’t a made up fairy-tale. My mission is to make that dream vision you have for yourself a REALITY, and show you how to piece the pieces of the puzzle together once and for all so you can frame that shit, and hang it up like a boss; in other words give you the means to achieve your dream lifestyle with dieting being a thing of the past, so you can eat cake in front of all the skinny bitches who you were miring before, and have them running to you to ask you how you did it!

Having the what and the why in place is cool but it won’t get you very far. This is why you’ve achieved limited success in the past so far, but until you make what’s in this course part of who you are, you’ll have a very hard time crafting the sexy aesthetics you want, and at very best if you don’t; then you’ll wind yourself with a skinny fat body, who’s constantly hungry and forever thinks about carbs and chocolate but tells herself she can’t eat them.

Oh and you’ll be a ticking time bomb for when you have that almighty rebound and blowout and the weight you lost will be back before you know it!

Anyway, don’t listen to me at this point – I’m selling you a dream, right?

Well hold on there, Schmackeroo. These chicks have been trained by me, and THEY are JUST LIKE YOU. Seriously – they had my brain condensed into a simple-to-follow system, and I’ll pass the mic over to them:

Parting words?

Well, it’s not like I need your money here. Seriously – I do well with my private online alpha female fitness coaching. BUT, I wanted to price my “How to Lose Weight Without Dieting” course here at a price that ONLY women who implement, would buy. I hate the thought of you paying $97 for lifetime access.. and then keeping the course gathering dust on your hard driver.

Nope, $97 gets you everything you need to get in the shape of your life.

Along with red carpet VIP access to my secret Facebook group so you can share in the journey of other ladies just like you. While being able to ask me questions and learn some other cool stuff from me there.

AND... you can feel even MORE awesome because I’m giving 25% of the course fees to my fave charity. That’s right: You are helping support the conservation of almost extinct animals whilst you yourself, HOPEFULLY, are training like a beast ;)

Sweet. Click here. Get stuck into it. I’ll see you on the inside superstar.
Angus xxx

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